School Webpages Make it Easy for Parents, and Connect your School Website with PTCFast system

  • If you set up multiple conferences on a single account, you can ask the system to create a single customized webpage for your school which displays signup links for parents to click to sign up for each of the conferences. Parents see the complete list of conferences on your account, and pick whichever ones they want.

Three Simple Steps:

  • On Notice Settings, choose School Web Page option.
  • Decide how you want the conferences to be ordered in the display (lots of options here!) and customize the message displayed to parents (if you want to) and click on "Save Message"
  • To see what it will look like, click on "Preview the page"
  • The URL for your school webpage provided on Manage can be linked from your own school website, or included in any newsletter you may send out to parents.

Try out now!

For more details on usage, please review the FAQ.