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Avon Lake, OH
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Avon Lake High School parent teacher conference scheduling system for Thursday March 5, 2020.

Please select your conference (or conferences) below, then press "Submit".

(The way this works is you first select what conference(s) you want and enter your names and email. The system then sends you a link to choose appointment times. From that link you can also add and change registrations.)

Andrews, Lindsay Rm242
Ansevin, Janeece Rm168
Arra, Jeff Rm195
Bair, Anna Marie Rm263
Bickerton, Hilary Rm162
Bottini, Robin Rm267
Buczak, Douglas rm302
Burgess, Adam Rm113
Burgess, Shelly Rm262
Cooney, Molly
Craigo, Yvonne Rm121
Dlugosz, Andrew Rm193
Eddleman, David Rm105
Flynn, Michael Rm247
Fredriksen, Christian Rm125
Frisch, Krystine Rm165
Gardner, Andrew Rm174
Gemelas, Natalie Rm231
Gill, John Rm250
Glassburn, Susan Rm248
Goodman, Jim Rm245
Hallett, Stacey Rm172
Hanratty, Tara Rm213
Haputa, Holly Rm212
Hodge, Dale Rm268
Ingraham, Melissa Rm230
Jarufe, Emilio Rm104
Johnson, Ashley Rm269
Kaminski, Heather Rm270
Kirsch, Jeremy Rm115
Kostelnik, Matt Rm211
Kozar, Kelly Rm265
Ku, Kate Rm216
Kulikowski, Dawn Rm101
Lanning, Janet Rm215
LaRiccia, Cale Rm106
LeBlanc, Bill Rm203
Lisi, Michael Rm104
Lucas, Martin Rm169
Marsala, Dina Room 166
Marsala, Vince Rm164
Mayer, Amanda Rm 241
Meyers, Ann Rm214
Penick, Colleen Rm 246
Quinn, Angela Rm133
Reutter, Alicia Rm171
Reutter, Caleb Rm251
Rudkin, Tori Rm244
Schillinger, Andy Rm210
Schoenlein, Pete Rm221
Schofield, Rob Rm202
Shreffler, Kurt Rm200
Smith, Eric Rm112
Smith, Joe Rm240
Smylie, Ryan Rm243
Stratton, Jeff Rm167
Stuebner, Timothy Rm163
Svec, Greg Rm191
Tomanek, Mark Rm220
Tomlin, Vickie Rm120
Udris, Kathryn Rm132
Uszak, Becky Rm302
Vein, Pete Rm302
Williams, Matthew Rm185
Wolf, Chris Rm181
Worsencroft, Susan Rm264