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1.PS.3.Blue Room: Camille Fobbs, Linda Villamarin, Jazelyn Montanez
1.PS.3.Red Room: Sharon Carter, Alexandra Portillo, Robbie Fowler
1.PS.3.Yellow Room: Zoe Goldberg-Stewart, Katy Haralson, Lynette Cummins
1.PS.4.Green Room: Rachel Rowan, Lisa Ventry, Jackie Ortiz
1.PS.4.Orange Room: Niamh Dolan, Rachel Kleinman, Nohemi Benavides
1.PS.4.Purple Room: Kathleen Cann, Daisy Copelin, Claudia Lewis
2.LS.0KA - Abbey Rueda and Nina Littman
2.LS.0KB - Amanda Welch and Darlitta Charles
2.LS.0KC - Dani Clarke and Leann McGrath
2.LS.1A - Jill Fiengo and Jami Moore
2.LS.1B - Elizabeth Machuca and Natasha Harris
2.LS.1C - Laura Leopardo and Christina Konnaris
2.LS.2A - Hannah Munger and Caroline Carr
2.LS.2B - Jacob Cohen and Eliza van Rootselaar
2.LS.2C - Denise Parks and Vanessa De Riggs
2.LS.3A - Sarah Gordon and Eva Warren
2.LS.3B - Megan Glionna and Chiara Cafiero
2.LS.3C - Julia Smith and Isabel Rubin
2.LS.4A - Razi Abdur-Rahman and Ashley Okonma
2.LS.4B - Bea Bartolotta and Jack Redell
2.LS.4C -Lauren Yi and Caroline Bannan