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5th Grade
3.MS.5A Advisor & 6A History - Emma Cothren
3.MS.5B Advisor & 6A Math & 6B History - Henry Clark
3.MS.5C Advisor & 6A English - Idiatou Thiam
3.MS Ellen Kahan - 5th-8th Ceramics
3.MS Felix Alberto - 5th & 6th Grade Spanish
3.MS Jaime Lassman, 5th-8th Technology
3.MS Julie Gibson - 5th Dance
3.MS Laurice Hwang - 5th & 6A Science
3.MS Stephen Buck - 5th-8th Chorus
3.MS Stephen Eckert - 5th-8th Drama
3.MS Tyler Bauer - 5-8 Instrumental Music
6th Grade
3.MS.6A Advisor & 6B, 6C, 6D, 8B English - Alex Cardasis
3.MS.6A Advisor & 6th-8th Mandarin - Jingyi Zhang
3.MS.6B Advisor & 5th Grade, 6C, 6D Math - Matt Presto
3.MS.6B Advisor - Ángel Soba
3.MS.6C Advisor & 6th & 7th Health - Mariah Martens
3.MS 6C Advisor & 6th-8th Physical Education - Admir Ivojevic
3.MS.6D Advisor & 8-1 Spanish, 6th-8th French - Nicole Ngokwey-Andah
3.MS.6D Advisor - Katie Ryan
3.MS Tommy Talty - 6th-8th Physical Education
3.MS Winston Benons - 6th-8th Dance
7th Grade
3.MS 7A Advisor & 5th-8th Physical Education - Jamie Morrissey
3.MS.7A Advisor & 6B, 7th Grade Math - Maria Sanchez
3.MS.7B Advisor & 6C, 6D, 7A, 7C History - Gabe Gordon
3.MS.7B Advisor & 7th-8th Spanish - Kim Allen
3.MS.7C Advisor & 5th-8th Grade Art - Caleb Miller
3.MS.7C Advisor & 6C, 7th Grade Science - Kevin Cooney
8th Grade
3.MS. Edson Elcock - 8th Grade Physical Education
3.MS. Janzen Harding - 8th Grade Health
3.MS.8A Advisor & 7B, 8th Grade History - Auguste Leach
3.MS.8A Advisor & 8th Grade Math - Lyman Casey
3.MS.8B Advisor & 5th-8th Instrumental Music - Steph Mayer
3.MS.8B Advisor & 7A, 7B, 7C, 8A, 8C English - Danielle Perkins
3.MS.8C Advisor & 6D, 8th Grade Science - Katie Bradley
3.MS.8C Advisor 7 5th-8th Art - Tina Piccolo