Champlain Elementary School
Burlington, VT
Conference Scheduler

In-Person Conferences Monday 11/20 & Virtual Conferences Tuesday,11/21

Welcome to the Champlain Elementary School parent teacher conference scheduling system. To begin the process, please select your child's teacher below. If you have more than one conference to schedule , please check all teachers with whom you would like to conference and follow prompts to enter your children's names and register your e-mail address.

Please note that conferences this November will be held in person on Monday, 11/20 and virtually using Google Meet on Tuesday 11/21. Although you do not need a Google email address to register for a conference in PTC Fast, you will need one to participate in a virtual Google Meet conference. You can sign up for a free Google email address or use your student's BSD email address to join the conference. ___________________________________________________________________________________

If you do not have an email address or cannot schedule online, please call the office at 864-8477. Thank you!

Sorry, no times are available now. Please contact us if you have any questions.