Cloverleaf High School
Lodi, OH
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Cloverleaf High School parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your student's teachers below:

(The way this works is you first select what conference(s) you want and enter your names and email. The system then sends you a link to choose appointment times. From that link you can also add and change registrations.)

Art- Jarvis, Mollie- 918
Art- Krueger, Julie- 156
Career Based Intervention- Humiston, James- 207
English- Carmigiano, John- 211
English- Charek, Brittany- 906
English- Krus, Victoria- 912
English- Pinkerman, Erik- 915
English- Rainey, Neil- 908
English- Shurance, Joel- 910
English- Swain, Tonya- 911
Foreign Language- Coppolino, Jennifer- 907
Foreign Language- Neidig, Jacque- 914
Foreign Language- Simarro, Amy- 909
Foreign Language- Snyder, Emily- 913
Health- Vorhies, Justin- 200
Industrial Technology- Valent, Gregory- 38
Intervention Specialist- Day, Michele- 173
Intervention Specialist- Hanudel, Alison- 146
Intervention Specialist- Kolar, Sue- 173
Intervention Specialist- Medlock-Smith, Catherine- 173
Intervention Specialist- Nelson, Wendy- 141
Intervention Specialist- Petruska, Tera- 154
Intervention Specialist- Romanoff, Nicholas- 173
Intervention Specialist- Senko, Stephanie- 173
Intervention Specialist- Shimandle, Blair- 144
Math- Bohner, Kathryn- 202
Math- Dalessandro, Ellen- 206
Math- Endsley, Kimberly- 208
Math- Glick, Steven- 210
Math- Lantz, Christopher- 204
Math- Savanick, Kyle- 205
Music, Instrumental- Winter, Andrew- 101
Music, Vocal and Guitar- Timm, Lawrence- 153
Physical Education- Mitchell, Bethany- Locker Room
Plato- Kalessa, Kyle- 149
Science- Gucker, Garth- 166
Science- Napier, Melissa- 168
Science- Rittgers, Beth- 169
Science- Ryan, Marty- 160
Science- Vaughn, James- 158
Science- Waltenbaugh, Pamela- 164
Social Studies, English- Kilmer, Jeff - 151
Social Studies- Bell, Michael- 209
Social Studies- Farrar, Craig- 150
Social Studies- Flint, Cameron- 148
Social Studies- Pertee, Jenny- 143
Social Studies- Rockhold, Mark- 152