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Convoy, OH
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Call, Deb
Cook, Julie
Dowler, Casey
Barna, Courtney
Karcher, Lora
Kuhn, Colby
Balliet, Bethany
Dye, Brenda
Marks, Ashley
Puthoff, Jenifer
Jones, Ellen
Perrott, Alicia
Reindel, Allison
Schumm, Julie
4th Grade Team (Waltz, Roan, Kraner, Roop, Myers)
5th Grade Team (Holloway, Taylor, Sheets, Macki, Bowen)
Barnes, Kay
Gehres, Deb
Kill, Trista
Mathews, John
Newlove, Lindsay
Rickard, Greg
Rosebrock, John
Schwieterman, Darby
Tinnel, Cindy
Wurst, Jenna
Bonifas, Cathy
Grooms, Sandra
Lozer, Jason