Dakota Valley Learning Center - ECFE
Rosemount, MN
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Connections Preschool parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your child's teacher/class below to register. If you're having technical difficulties, call us at 952-388-1953.

(The way this works is you first select what conference(s) you want and enter your names and email. The system then sends you a link to choose appointment times. From that link you can also add and change registrations.)

Beth Hersman-DVLC Preschool Discovery 3's
Catherine Anderson-CVLC 4's
Jenna Gobin-OR 4's
Jocelyn McDonnell-DVLC Preschool Discovery 3's
Kari Suzuki/Katie Peterson EP 4's
Kate Kluegel/Alison Kral-DVLC 3's
Katie Hait-DVLC 4's
Kay Sikich-OR 4's
Kelly Olson/Sara L'Heureux-WV 4's
Libby Boyd-EP 4's
Libby Boyd/Tatum Holland-PV 4's
Nancy Voigt/Jaci Tuin-PW 4's
Rachel Udelhoven-NV 4's
Rebecca Batchelder/Lauren Wendel-SV 4's
Sandy Moline-GL Morning 4's
Sandy Moline/Sonia Christian-GL Afternoon 4's
Shannon Langenfeld/Ruthie Grams-DVLC 3's Room 206
Susan Elsass/Kim Gretz-DVLC 3's
Toni Aalberg/Vicky Cole-HL 4's