Early Childhood Special Education
Apple Valley, MN
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Welcome to the Early Childhood Special Education parent teacher conference scheduling system.

Conferences will be held by video on Zoom.

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ECSE Parent Teacher Conferences November 2020

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

Alison Kral - ECSE Teacher @ DVLC
Amy Graff - ECSE Teacher @ DVLC
Andrea Boll - ECSE/ASD @ DVLC
Bethany Faber - ECSE @ DVLC
Chelsey Taylor - ECSE Pre-K @ DVLC
Courtney Olson - ECSE Digital Academy
Diane Belisle - Red Pine ECSE Speech
Elizabeth Baxter ECSE @ DVLC
Hayley Horsch - Red Pine ECSE
Judy Hayes - Shannon Park 3's & 4's Speech
Katie Wilson - ECSE Teacher @ DVLC
Lisa Wilson Thomas Lake Pre-K Speech
Liz Tarr - ECSE Digital Academy
Nicki Nolte - ECSE Digital Academy
Nicole Johnson - ECSE/ASD @DVLC
Nicole Zich - ECSE Digital Academy
Sara Carrigan -Westview Elem ECSE/ASD
Sara L'Heureux - ECSE Digital Academy
Shayla Jeffers - ECSE/ASD @ DVLC
Tatum Holland - Parkview ECSE PM Pre-K
Teresa Joseph - ECSE Intensive Support @ DVLC