Hixson Middle School
Webster Groves, MO
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Hixson Middle School parent/teacher conference scheduling system. Please click on the team(s) and/or teacher(s) with whom you would like to schedule a conference.


Math, PE, and elective teachers will be meeting separately from team conferences. Please make sure to schedule an additional conference with these teachers.

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

7th Grade Counselor - Mrs. Bodi
7th/8th Grade Counselor - Dr. Peterson
8th Grade Counselor - Ms. Blanks
Art - Mrs. Hannel
Band - 7th Grade
Band - 8th Grade
Blue Team - Mrs. Camden, Mr. McGinnis, & Mr. Vorel
Choir - Ms. Gado
Drama - Mr. Conners
FACS - Mrs. Burton
FACS - Mrs. Hertlein
French - Mlle. Collins
German 1 - Frau Hudson
German 2 - Herr Kraus
Gifted Social Studies - Mrs. Woodard
Green Team - Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Lowe, & Dr. Rachal
Math (7th & 8th Grade) - Ms. Greenberg
Math (7th grade & 8th grade) - Mrs. Porter
Math (7th grade & Algebra) - Mrs. Haddock
Math (7th grade & Algebra) - Ms. James
Math (8th Grade & Algebra) - Mrs. Gelb
Math (8th Grade & Algebra) - Mrs. Hobold
Math (8th Grade & Geometry) - Mrs. Hill
Orange Team - Mrs. Groene, Ms. Kraushaar, & Mrs. Tobey
Orchestra - Mrs. Grubb
PE/Health - Mrs. Bennett
PE/Health - Ms. Branch
PE/Health - Mrs. Mitchell
PE/Health - Coach Gillilan
PE/Health - Coach Raimondo
PE/Health - Coach Wells
Purple Team - Mr. Gasparovic, Mr. Geringer, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Ward, & Mrs. Wells
Reading Specialist - Mrs. Shaughnessy
Red Team - Mr. Cahn, Mrs. Creath, & Mr. Jones
Shop - Mr. Kramer
Spanish - Sr. Norman
Spanish - Sra. Warneke
Spanish - Srta. Lynch
Special Education Social Worker - Ms. Garbo
Special Education Teacher - Mr. Black
Special Education Teacher - Mr. Cetro
Special Education Teacher - Mr. Downey
Special Education Teacher - Mrs. Hennekes
Special Education Teacher - Mrs. Melloway
Special Education Teacher - Ms. Pangelinan
Speech/Language Pathologist - Ms. Doerr
Study Skills - Mrs. Strasser
Study Skills - Mrs. Tumminello
Technology Education - Mr. Rachal
Yellow Team - Mrs. Day, Mr. Geringer, Mrs. Goosen, Mr. Landolt, & Mrs. Oliver