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Mr. Adam Huber - Math 7 - 8, Applied Algebra B
Mrs. Alison Luderman - 5th and 6th Science, Reading
Mrs. Beth Grime - Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Science 8
Mrs. Blyth Turnwald - 5th and 6th Math, Reading
Mrs. Brenda Burgei - Geometry, Advanced Math/Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus
Mr. Dale Liebrecht - Intro. To Engineering, Prin. Of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Civil Enginee
Mrs. Darla Warnecke - Biomedical Sciences, Medical Interventions, Medical Innovations, 8th Grade He
Mrs. Emily Maag - English 7 & 8, Reading 7
Mr. Jacob Litwiller - Middle School, High School Band
Mr. Jeff Clement - School Counselor
Ms. Kaylan Griffith - English 8, English 9, English 11
Mrs. Kelly Dube - Intervention 7th & 8th For Selected Students, Reading, Math, Language Arts
Mr. Ken Pothast - P.E.C. Science, Physics, Practical and Applied Biology
Mr. Kevin Dietering - Spanish I - II – III - IV
Mrs. Mary Gerding - English 10, English 12, AP English 12
Mrs. Mary Smith - 5th and 6th Social Studies, 6th Reading
Mrs. Melanie Thorbahn - Intervention for selected students in grades 9-12
Mr. Neil Gerding - Government, U.S. Studies, AP Government, AP U.S. History
Mr. Robb Schultz - Applied Algebra A, Science 7, World Studies 9
Mrs. Roxanne Schumacher - Algebra I & II
Mr. Scott Miller - History/World Geography 7, US History 8, 10th Grade American History
Mrs. Stacy Knueve - Computer Applications, Business Communications Accounting I, 7th Grade Computer
Mr. Steven Myers - High School Art, Art 7 & 8
Ms. Tricia Schoen - 8th Grade Agricultural Science, Agricultural, Food, and Natural Resources (Grade
Mrs. Wendy Stechschulte - 5th and 6th Language Arts, Readingv