Keefe Regional Technical School
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Keefe Regional Technical School parent teacher conference scheduling system. Conference dates are Wednesday, March 8th from 12 P.M. to 3 P.M., or Thursday, March 9th from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

Please select your conference (or conferences) below, then press "Submit".

Pick your conference(s), then register name and contact info. This creates a registration for each conference and sends you a confirmation email with a link to choose appointment times. On that same page, you will be able to add and change both registrations and appointments.

Adamiak, M. Conference (Science)
Aho, K. Conference (Programming & Web)
Allain, R. Conference (Graphic Communications)
Anniballi, K. Conference (Math)
Baker, S. Conference (Health Careers)
Beling, J. Conference (English Dept)
Bengiovanni, E. Conference (Science)
Cassullo, F. Conference (Physical Education)
Clifford, S. Conference (English Dept.)
Conti, J. Conference (History)
Costa, R. Conference (Metals Technology)
Crisafulli, J. Conference (Design & Visual Communications)
Cuozzi, J. Conference (Early Childhood Education)
Davol, K. Conference (Special Education)
Ellis, M. Conference (Business Technology)
Fairfield, A. Conference (Carpentry)
Fischer, M. Conference (School Nurse)
Fisichella, A. Conference (Guidance Counselor)
Flynn, M. Conference (Plumbing)
Fogarty, P. Conference (Metals Technology)
Frampton, T. Conference (Legal & Protective Services)
Frank, D. Conference (Math)
Fulham, N. Conference (History)
Gable, J. Conference (Special Education)
Gordon, E. Conference (Plumbing)
Graham, J. Conference (Health Careers)
Griffin, J. Conference (Math)
Hamilton, M. Conference (Programming & Web)
Henningson, E. Conference (Electrical)
Iglesias, T. Conference (Automotive Technology)
Joy, C. Conference (Special Education)
Kane, C. Conference (Physical Education)
Kane, M. Conference (Librarian)
Kellogg, A. Conference (English as a Second Language)
King, M. Conference (Cosmetology)
Kinney, J. Conference (Automotive)
Kramer, K. Conference (Special Education)
Lacasse, P. Conference (Culinary Arts)
Lamb, G. Conference (Fine Arts)
Lambert, J. Conference (English Dept.)
Lashmit, S. Conference (Science)
Locke, C. Conference (Science)
Lyskowski, S. (K. Lowell - Acting Guidance Counselor)
Machado, N. Conference (Math)
Marini, D. Conference (Physical Education)
McGrath, C. Conference (Business Technology)
Medina, E. Conference (Early Childhood Education)
Millard, L. Conference (Culinary Arts)
Morvan, S. Conference (Automotive Technology)
Murphy, D. Conference (Electrical)
Newell, M. Conference (Carpentry)
Pagano, J. Conference (Science)
Patterson, S. Conference (Special Education)
Paul, D. Conference (Landscape Design)
Paul, L. Conference (Spanish & ESL)
Peppersack, M. Conference (English Dept.)
Petro, A. Conference (English Dept.)
Piccioli, D. Conference (Special Education)
Prevosk, J. Conference (Plumbing)
Rabidou, J. Conference (Information Technology)
Rabidou, M. Conference (Special Education)
Rector, V. Conference (English Dept.)
Richard, T. Conference (Cosmetology)
Rosano, P. Conference (History)
Sannicandro, R. Conference (History)
Schneider, K. Conference (Design & Visual Communication)
Schultheis, S. Conference (Math)
Sees, D. Conference (Special Education)
Serra, V. Conference (Graphics Communication)
Simarrian, G. Conference (Special Education)
Snyder, A. Conference (Culinary Arts)
Soares, K. Conference (Guidance Counselor)
Stefanini, M. Conference (Culinary Arts)
Straton, J. Conference (Science)
Sullivan, K. Conference (English Dept.)
Trincia McGowan, T. Conference (Special Education)
van Luling, B. Conference (Landscape Design)
Warren, M. Conference (History)
Webb, K. Conference (Electrical)
Westcott, J. Conference (Science & Health)
Whitcomb, J. Conference (Math)
Yarkosky, K. Conference (Math)