Lithonia High School
Lithonia, GA
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to Lithonia High School's Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduling System.

Parent/Teacher Conference Night is Thursday, February 27, 2020 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Please schedule a 15-minute conference with your child's teacher.

The deadline for scheduling conferences is Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact the counseling center at (678)676-2932.

(The way this works is you first select what conference(s) you want and enter your names and email. The system then sends you a link to choose appointment times. From that link you can also add and change registrations.)

Mr. Allen (Social Studies Dept)
Ms. Anderson-Valentine (Special Srv.)
Ms. Anthony (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Appling (Social Studies Dept)
Ms. Ashman (Career Tech Dept)
Ms. Bailey (Science Dept)
Ms. Bartley (Science Dept)
Ms. Begum (Math Dept)
Ms. Bhardwaj (Math Dept)
Mr. Brown, D (Physical Ed Dept)
Ms. Brown, P (Special Services Dept)
Ms. Browne, P (Math Dept)
Mr. Bruner (World Lang Dept)
Mr. Burdette (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Byrd (Special Services Dept)
Ms. Calloway (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Campbell (Math Dept)
Ms. Carlos (Special Services Dept)
Ms. Clark-Jenkins (Science Dept)
Ms. Clarke, S (Special Services Dept)
Commander Webb (Career Tech Dept)
Ms. Dawson (Special Services Dept)
Ms. Duff (Science Dept)
Ms. Dupree (Science Dept)
Dr. Durden-McKnight (Language Arts Dept)
Mr. Eshun (Math Dept)
Mr. Finkley (ESOL)
Ms. Franco (World Lang Dept)
Ms. Francois (Career Tech Dept)
Ms. Frazier (Social Studies Dept)
Mr. Gant (Career Tech Dept)
Mr. Geter (Math Dept)
Mr. Green (Physical Ed Dept)
Mr. Hall (Social Studies Dept)
Ms. Henry (Fine Arts Dept)
Mr. Hill (Fine Arts Dept)
Ms. Hodge (Social Studies Dept)
Ms. Hudson (Physical Ed Dept)
Ms. Jabali-Garnes (World Lang Dept)
Mr. Jackson (Career Tech Dept)
Mr. Jelks (Math Dept)
Ms. Johnson, P (Physical Ed Dept)
Ms. Johnson, S (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Jones, A (Social Studies Dept)
Ms. Kane (Special Services Dept)
Ms. Karriem (Math Dept)
Ms. Kassi (World Lang Dept)
Ms. Leverette (Language Arts Dept)
Mr. Lloyd (Fine Arts Dept)
Mr. Marion (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Martin (Science Dept)
Master Chief Holt (Career Tech Dept)
Ms. McCloud (Language Arts Dept)
Ms. McDonald (Special Services Dept)
Mr. McDowell (Social Studies Dept)
Dr. McKenzie, K (Special Services Dept)
Ms. McKenzie, W (Math Dept)
Ms. McLaughlin (Language Arts Dept)
Mr. McTier (Math Dept)
Mr. Mouton (Math Dept)
Ms. Nunez (World Lang Dept)
Dr. Oden (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Olatunji-Tadese (Science Dept)
Ms. Orizu (Science Dept)
Ms. Patterson (Science Dept)
Mr. Paul (Language Arts Dept)
Mr. Powell, G (Math Dept)
Ms. Powell-Avila (Special Services Dept)
Ms. Pryce, D (Lanuage Arts Dept)
Dr. Rainey (Math Dept)
Ms. Rankins (Language Arts Dept)
Ms. Rudolph (Physical Ed Dept)
Mr. Rudolph (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Salter (Special Services Dept)
Senior Chief Johnson (Career Tech Dept)
Ms. Shaw (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Sheppard (Math Dept)
Mr. Sherard (Special Services Dept)
Ms. Sims (Career Tech Dept)
Mr. Singleton (Social Studies Dept)
Mr. Smith, A (Social Studies Dept)
Mr. Tinney (Special Services Dept)
Mr. Weathersby (Language Arts Dept)
Mr. West (Social Studies Dept)
Ms. White, K (Language Arts Dept)
Ms. White, T (Career Tech Dept)
Ms. Whitehead (Language Arts Dept)
Ms. Williams, R (Fine Arts Dept)
Ms. Woods (Math Dept)
Dr. Wright (Science Dept)
Ms. Wynter (Language Arts Dept)