Meadowview Elementary
Farmington, MN
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Meadowview Elementary Conference Sign Up. Please find your child's teacher below.

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

Counselor Connection Time with Mrs. Brand
Counselor Connection Time with Mrs. Ponath
Mrs. Hotchkiss
Mrs. Young
Kindergarten - Mrs. Lewis
Kindergarten - Ms. Odell
Kindergarten - Mrs. Sieben
Kindergarten -Ms. Copenhaver
First Grade - Mrs. Erbes
First Grade - Mrs. McCabe
First Grade - Mrs. Tucker
First Grade - Mrs. Wicklund
Second Grade - Mrs. Goodwin
Second Grade - Mrs. Hagler
Second Grade - Mr. Meyer
Second Grade - Mrs. Moses
Third Grade - Ms. Klein
Third Grade - Mrs. Burditt
Third Grade - Ms. Shaffer
Third Grade- Mrs. Gibart
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Eisenzimmer
Fourth Grade - Ms. Gilomen
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Kasper
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Simonson
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Parla
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Phillips
Fifth Grade - Mr. Rasmussen
Fifth Grade - Ms. Thurmes
ELL Resource Support - Ms. Carpenter
Ell Resource Support - Mrs. Hermoza
Ell Resource Support - Mrs. Sarah Johnson
Specialist - Mr. Strand - Media Specialist
Specialist - Mrs. Winters - Music
Specialist -Mr. McCarthy - Phy. Ed
Specialist -Mrs. Schwartz