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Ms. Albuquerque - English
Ms. Andriuoli - PreK
Ms. Antosek - Culinary Arts
Mr. Askins - Math
Mr. Baird - English
Mrs. Bancroft - Nurse
Mrs. Barber - Social Studies
Mr. Blackford - Special Ed / Internship
Ms. Bleeck - Special Ed.
Ms. Branco - Art
Ms. Burns - English
Mr. Cagnacci - Carpentry
Mr. Capriola - Math
Ms. Cavallaro - Guidance
Mrs. Devine - Guidance
Mr. Dreiss - English
Ms. Dunkin - Computers
Ms. Dwyer - Math
Ms. Escobar - Spanish
Mr. Farinola - Phys. Ed.
Mr. Fedorenko - Band/Chorus
Ms. Fernandes - English
Ms. Fitzgerald - Science
Mrs. Gagliano - Phys. Ed.
Ms. Garrido - Social Studies
Mr. Goodman - Math
Ms. Grodziak - Math
Mr. Haines - Science
Ms. Ingannamorte - English
Ms. Kusher - Social Studies
Mrs. Landes - English
Mr. Marcantuono - Phys. Ed.
Mr. Marck - Math
Ms. Mattiello - Business
Mrs. McEntee-Johnson - Guidance
Ms. McKnight - Guidance
Mr. Mills - Italian
Mrs. Murphy-Wilczek - CST
Dr. Necoechea - Science
Mrs. O'Brien-Romer - Social Studies
Ms. Pontius - Physics
Mrs. Ramaswamy - Chemistry
Mrs. Rodriguez - Spanish
Ms. Rosen-Williams - Science
Ms. Salbashian - Social Studies
Ms. Scalia - Phys. Ed.
Ms. Smith - Social Studies
Mrs. Tomko - Business
Mrs. Turano - Italian
Ms. Turner-Turano - English
Ms. Whalen - English
Ms. Wolski - Dance