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Mr. Aaron Gibson, Intervention Specialist
Mr. Alan Bates, English
Mr. Alex Kemphaus, Math
Ms. Amanda Setters, Social Studies
Mr. Andrew Bridges, Technology
Mr. Andrew Clark
Mr. Andrew DePeel, Math
Mr. Andrew Fishback, Science
Mr. Andrew McCauley, Social Studies
Ms. Angie McClellan, Music
Mr. Bill Hoctor, Math
Mr. Blair Terpstra, Social Studies
Mr. Brad Shank
Mr. Brian Mullholand, Social Studies
Ms. Bridget Sparks, Science
Ms. Brooke Singer, English
Ms. Canda Chisholm, Intervention Specialist
Ms. Cheryl Adams, English
Ms. Cheryl Slate, Social Studies
Mr. Chris Bruening, Intervention Specialist
Mr. Chris Osterkamp, Intervention Specialist
Ms. Christin McCormick, ELL
Mr. Christopher Hotopp, Social Studies
Mr. Craig Gdovin, Math
Mr. David Buquo, Science
Mr. David Dendler, Music
Mr. David Huffman
Mr. David McDermott
Mr. Doug Studer, Science
Ms. Elizabeth Rodak, Art
Ms. Emilee Trester
Ms. Emily Breitholle, PE/health
Ms. Emily Brown, Intervention Specialist
Ms. Emily Minelli, Foreign Language
Ms. Erica Green, PASS IV
Mr. Gene Meister, Math
Mr. Greg Rodgers, Social Studies
Mrs. Heather Hurley, Music
Ms. Jaclyn Ballman, Music
Mr. James O'Connor, Social Studies
Ms. Jennifer Jones, Intervention Specialist
Ms. Jennifer Kennedy, ELL
Miss Jennifer Schell, Intervention Specialist
Mr. Jeremy Zimmerman, Physics/Physical Science
Ms. Jessica Durham, Art
Ms. Jill Phillips, Math
Mr. Jordan Stevens, English
Ms. Judy Kelly, English
Ms. Julie Lahmer
Ms. Julie Lahmer, MS/MD
Ms. Kate Lampe, English
Mr. Kevin Tucker, Math
Ms. Kim Wilhite, Foreign Language
Ms. Kimberly Thyberg, Foreign Language
Ms. Kristen Brown, Music
Mr. Kyle Phillips, Music
Ms. Latia Farria, English
Ms. Lauren Perkins
Ms. Lindsay Holliday, Art
Ms. Liza Giles, Art
Mr. Lonnie Dusch, Science
Ms. Madison Simons, Social Studies
Ms. Marian Fathergill
Ms. Marie Knueven, Music
Ms. Mary Hudson, Work Study
Mr. Matt Reed
Ms. Megan Deborde, English
Ms. Melinda Cottrell
Mr. Michael Bruening, Science
Mr. Michael Sullivan, Technology
Ms. Michele Ritzie, Social Studies
Mr. Mike Fielder, English
Mr. Mike Rossi, Science
Mr. Nathan Callon
Ms. Nico Toliver
Ms. Paige Bellafonte, Foreign Language
Ms. Rachelle Williams, Art
Ms. Rashana Freeman, Science
Raymond Bonar
Ms. Rebecca Brown, Music
Ms. Rebecca Heckman, Science
Ms. Rebecca McCowan, Business Technology
Mr. Richard Ledford, Intervention Specialist
Mr. Robert Fritz, Math
Mr. Robert Mullins, Intervention Specialist
Ms. Robin Campbell, English
Dr. Robyn McDonald-Gordon, English
Mr. Russell Brockway, NJROTC
Mr. Ryan Loveless, Math
Ms. Sara Hackney, Foreign Language
Ms. Shanna Spahn, Intervention Specialist
Mr. Steve Duke, Social Studies
Mr. Steve Wade, Math
Mr. Steven Schlager, Intervention Specialist
Mr. Steven Webb, PE
Ms. Suzanna jones, ELL
Ms. Syndy Casey, Music
Ms. Tamette Duckworth, PE/Health
Mr. Todd Leonhardt, Music
Ms. Tracy Daniels, American Sign Language
Ms. Tracy Whitaker
Mr. Ty Robbins, Social Studies
Ms. Ursula Winston, Intervention Specialist
Ms. Victoria Valerius, Intervention Specialist
Mr. Vincent Henley, Intervention Specialist