Sustainability Academy
Burlington, VT
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Sustainability Academy's parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select the teacher or teachers with whom you would like to conference. After registering your email address, you will have access to and be able to schedule conference times. Please call the SA office at 864-8480 if you are having difficulty.

Conferences this November, will be held in person on Monday,11/20 and virtually using Google Meet on Tuesday, 11/21. Please use the Special Request feature if needed to request a different arrangement for your date and time.

Virtual conference: Although you do not need a Google email address to register and schedule a conference in PTC Fast, you will need one to participate in the Google Meet conference. You can sign up for a Google email address or use your student's BSD email address to join the conference.

Sorry, no times are available now. Please contact us if you have any questions.