W-SR Middle School Grades 5 and 6
Waverly, IA
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the W-SR Middle School Grades 5 and 6 parent teacher conference scheduling system.

Please select your conference (or conferences) below, then press "Submit".

(The way this works is you first select what conference(s) you want and enter your names and email. The system then sends you a link to choose appointment times. From that link you can also add and change registrations.)

5th Grade
Mrs. Anderson
Mrs. Fox
Mrs. Hamilton
Mrs. Hartman
Mrs. Kramer
Mrs. Ott
Mrs. Wessel
6th Grade
Mr. Angell
Mrs. Costello
Mrs. Rewerts
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Schaapveld
Mrs. Armstrong (Strategies)
Mrs. Bloker (Strategies)
Mr. Hubbard (Strategies)
Mrs. Jamison (Strategies)
Mrs. Rohne (Strategies)
Ms. Wake (Strategies)
Mrs. Hull (Vocal Music)
Mr. Meier (P.E.)
Miss Miller
Mrs. Peck (Art)
Mr. Winkey (5-6 Band)