White Oak Elementary School
Sugar Hill, GA
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the White Oak Elementary School parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your child's teacher below:

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

Ms. Brundle
Mrs. Hughes
Ms. Kaelei
Ms. Viscarra
Special Services
Ms. Dean
Ms. Gaddy
Ms. Leggo
Ms. Norris
Mrs. Pefinis
Mr. Raymond
Ms. Benson
Ms. Jhangra
Mrs. Kinnaird
Ms. Patrick
Ms. Wolf
1st Grade
Ms. Forbrick
Ms. Johnson
Ms. Moon
Ms. Sayani
Ms. Weaver
2nd Grade
Mrs. Beckworth
Ms. Morrison
Ms. Speegle
Ms. Whitehead
Mrs. Wilderspin
3rd Grade
Mrs. Carr
Ms. Reese
Ms. Simons
Ms. Stoica
Mrs. Ward
Mrs. Zittrouer
4th Grade
Ms. Farinella
Ms. Keen
Ms. Luke
Ms. Pirlot
Ms. Warnock
5th Grade
Ms. Fuentes
Ms. Olson
Ms. Ortiz
Ms. Taylor
Mrs. Thompson