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Aaron Wamsley
Abby Markley - MS English/Social Studies
Adriana Noya - Spanish
Amy Applegate - Kindergarten Teacher
Andrea Bloom - Speech
Andy Pannell - Middle School Teacher/Math
Ashley Koch 1/2 Teacher
Cody Craigie - 3/4 Teacher
Colleen Summers - Special Services
Dee Swanson
Elizabeth Clower -3/4 Grade
Jennifer Mellizo - Music
Jill Walford - Math
John Hennings - PE
Julie Kortum - 3rd/4th Grade
Kim Tillman - Middle School Language Arts/ Social Studies
Marla Scherr - 1st/2nd Grade
Meredith McLaughlin - MS English/Social Studies
Sharon Mathiesen - Art
Stephanie Murray - Reading
Sue Augustine
Teresa Strube - MS - Math/Science
Theresa Graves - Special Services
Theresa Williams - MS Math/Science
Yeni Wilcox - Spanish