The Copy-Schedule Tool is for Setting Up for the New Semester

  • Suppose you used the system last semester or last year, and now you want to know: do I have to type in all the information again for all my teachers?
  • No--you don't need to do that... you can use our "Copy-Schedule" mass conference updating feature instead!

Three Simple Steps for Conference Updating

  • First, select any one of your old conferences to serve as a schedule template. Go to the Time Blocks page for this conference. If there are old appointments, you’ll need to use “Delete All Appointments” to delete them. Then create the schedule you want for the new semester.
  • Now go to the Manage Conferences page and click on the link that says "Update conference dates (typically to reuse existing conferences for a new semester)". You will see instructions, and then click on "Copy Schedule from One Conference to Others" link. The system will ask you from which conference you want to copy the schedule: choose the template conference you just edited.
  • Finally, you will be asked which conferences you want to copy the template schedule onto: click on all of your old conferences. Then click to "Proceed...". Presto! Your conferences now have the new schedules--but they have all the same option selections that you made last semester (teacher emails, notification settings, etc.). Now they are just waiting to be launched (and you can launch them all at once from the Manage Conferences page, "Launch all conferences" link.)

Try out now!

For more details on usage, please review the FAQ.