PTCFast Lets you Do Things Once, Not Many Times

  • Suppose you have to set up 5 or 50 conferences all with the same schedule. Do you have to use TimeBlocks over and over to pick the (same) dates and time blocks?
  • No!

Four Easy Steps

  • Create your first conference and set up the schedule for this conference--and also make your other choices (Notice Settings, Emails, Reports/Deadlines)
  • You can Launch that first conference at this point, if you want--or you can wait and launch all your conferences at once (from Manage Conferences page).
  • To create your second conference, go to Manage Conferences page and select "Create additional parent-teacher conference"
  • This takes you to a page that asks you some questions. Click on "Use the following conference as a template: ", select the first conference you are using as template, then click on "Enter my choices and create Time Blocks." Do the same for each additional conference.

Try out now!

For more details on usage, please review the FAQ.