About Orders Page


The Orders Page is designed to make it convenient for schools or district purchasing offices (who may not have their own accounts on PTCFast.com) to pay for subscriptions to PTCFast.com using Checks or Credit Cards.


Click on Orders.


From the first screen, you can create a new order, edit an order, get a receipt for a paid order, or make a new order based on a copy an existing order (which is useful when you want to place subsequent orders). 

Each order has a unique code. 
Your information is saved as you work, and you can return to edit or complete an order at a later timre using your email address and the Order Number. 

The order form has the following sections:
  • Download a W-9 and Vendor Profile

  • Lets you enter payor name and address and what services you want to pay fees for

  • Based on that information, you can download an instant Quote or Invoice

  • You can also specify the school(s) that you want to pay for

  • Having done that you can pay for the services using a credit card

  • ...Or you can obtain instructions for paying by check or ACH

If you pay by credit card, your school account(s) are credited immediately.  If you elect to pay by check/ACH, they are credited as soon as payment is received.

Click here to proceed to the Orders form

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