Your Choices about Security Levels:

  • The "normal" way of setting up conferences involves selecting "Simple No-Code Option" on Notice Settings page. Here, parents are required to provide an email and pick a time slot (they have to have a working email address.) It would be theoretically possible for a student--if they got hold of the information you send to their parents, or the URL for a School Webpage--to play a prank by signing up for appointments using a fake email address.
  • If you are concerned about this possibility, the Parent Code Option may be for you.

How the Parent Code Option Works:

  • If you check Parent Code Option on Notice Settings page, you will be asked to input a list of the names of the students. When you launch the conference, the system will provide the text of a unique letter to distribute to each parent. Each letter contains a link and a six-letter security code uniquely for that parent--the parent then enters this information into their browser before they are able to select a time.

Things to Keep in Mind When you Choose:

  • Most users pick No Code Option and thus far, we have had no reports of prank problems.
  • If you pick Parent Code Option, you cannot use the School Webpage, which many schools find very convenient.

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