Basic Tools

  • If you set up multiple conferences on a single account, go to Reports/Deadlines tab.
  • Scroll down to "Designate colleagues to view or modify this conference".
  • Enter the teacher's email (if the teacher has multiple emails, or if there are multiple teachers in the class, enter all of them, separated by commas.)
  • Doing this means that the teacher will receive signup schedules with the same frequency you have chosen at the top of this page (Reports/Deadlines).

Choosing Level of Control to Grant the Teacher

  • If you check Box 1, the teacher will be able to modify appointments. Choose this if you do NOT want the teacher to be able to alter the schedule of appointment times that is offered to parents (but you DO want them to be able to talk with parents--e.g., any parents who lack acking internet access--and enter appointments manually.)
  • If you check Box 2, this allows the teacher to modify the schedule--e.g., change the dates and times of appointment times offered.

Informing the Teacher of How Things Work:

  • When you put in a teacher's name, even if you don't check any boxes, they will receive emails with the signup schedules. These emails will contain links which the teacher can use to make whatever changes you have authorized. If you want them to get these links immediately, click on the link that says "Send an email now with the schedule and..."

One Thing to Keep in Mind:

  • When you enter a teacher's email on Reports/Deadlines page, the teacher does NOT become an administrator on your account. That is, the teacher is not able to log in as you, the administrator, and make changes that affect many conferences. The teacher receives an email with a link that allows them to do whatever you have authorized, and that is it. They will not have access to other conferences besides their own.

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For more details on usage, please review the FAQ.