Why it's Good for Parents

  • Maximum Choice in Times. The website displays all the currently available appointment times, and lets you pick whichever one works best for your schedule.
  • Email Confirmations and Reminders. When you pick a time, you will receive a confirmation, and you will also receive a reminder prior to the appointment.
  • Conveniently Change Appointment Times. If the time you have selected no longer works for you, just return to the site and pick a new time. (Note that changes cannot be made after a cutoff time selected by the school--usually the day before the conference.)

Why it's Good for Schools

  • Less staff time spent on scheduling. With the old system, parents had to indicate their date/time preferences and school personnel had to piece the schedule together manually. Now, parents now can pick the best times for themselves.
  • No cost to the school. The system we are using (PTCFast.com) is free of charge--no school funds are involved.
  • More convenient for teachers. Aside from not having to be involved in the appointment process, the school can view up-to-the-minute schedules at any time, and can easily make changes to accommodate last-minute parent requests. Even when parents do not have internet access, staff can make appointments online more efficiently.

Strong Privacy Policy

  • The system we are using will not share your email addresses with anyone, or use them for any purpose other than communicating with you about your conference.