It's fine to test us out!

  • We understand that having your conferences run smoothly is very important to your school--so you may want to test out before adopting it.

Things to Keep in Mind for Testing

  • You should feel welcome to set up some conferences and launch them.
  • All the settings you select can always be changed later (on Manage Conferences page) so you can use your regular email (or if you want you can set up some email accounts just for the purpose, e.g., on Yahoo or Hotmail.)
  • Try setting up some time blocks in the near future, launch the conference, and go in as a parent and sign up. You will see the various confirmation and reminder emails that the system normally sends out.
  • When you decide to use the system "for real", you can just edit the test conferences, and set up more.

Set up an account now!

For more details on usage, please review the FAQ.