About Billing Page


The Billing page allows a school to use a credit card to make payments. 


Login to your account, go to the Manage Conference page, then click on "Go to Billing".  


Under the heading "Enter New Transaction" you will see three options:

Pay $50/semester for unlimited # of conferences in this school account
For $50 per semester, this entitles you to set up as many conferences as you want within the account. Note that if you pick this option, the account that gets credited is the one you are currently logged into.

Pay $4/conference for one or more conferences in this school account
Each $4 payment here credits a single conference (of your choosing) within the account you are currently logged into. If you have 12 or fewer conferences within your school account, this is the most economical way to pay. When you choose this purchase option, you will be asked to pick which conference to credit.

Pay $4/conference or $70 for unlimited conference (whichever is less) for your teachers who have their own separate accounts.
For $4 per teacher (or a maximum of $70), you can buy tickets which you distribute to the teachers at your school.

Click Here to Login to Your Account

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After you make your payment, you will receive a receipt by email, and you can immediately begin setting up and running conferences in the "purchased" semester.

Generally, the Billing page is not suitable for use by School District purchasing officials who are purchasing for different schools and need quotes, invoices, etc. All of that is provided on the Orders page, including district-level credit card purchases (see about_orders).