PTC Fees and Payment

Free options (no billing information collected)

  • Free Demo Account: Try out a fully functional system with unlimited schedules, the only limit is five parents (with any number of appointments)
  • Free Trial Semester: Just what it says. Run a complete, live semester for your whole school, part of a school, or just one class.  No limits, no fine print (existing users received a free semester in Fall, 2017).  

To continue after one Free Trial Semester, fees are as follows:

  • Most schools have a single, central account, and within it each teacher has his or her own schedule (which we call a Conference). The fee is $50 per semester for the whole school or $4 per teacher, whichever is less.


  • In some schools, each teacher sets up his or her own separate account. The fee is $70 per semester for one school for an unlimited number of teachers, or $4 per teacher, whichever is less.

Some fine print:

  • Semesters are defined as (January 1 - June 30) and (July 1 - December 31).  
  • If you only run conferences in one semester of the year (e.g., Fall), you can pay for one semester per year and still access your account and all your data year-round. System checks pay status when you add times to your schedules.

How to Pay

The simplest and most common case is you have a credit card and want to pay for a school or conference, which you do from your account's Billing Page. Tell me more about Billing Page

If you a) can't pay with a credit card, or b) you are a district or accounting department, you can use our Orders page, where you can get W-9 forms, vendor information, quotes, invoices and pay by Credit Card or make arrangements to mail a check. NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT PO's. As with most websites, accounts are credited upon receipt of payment. Tell me more about Orders Page

If your school provided you with a ticket # and passcode, you can use it to "pay" for your conference. Tell me more about using Tickets