PTC Pricing Starting Spring 2018

Two free options (billing information is not collected for either)

  • Free Demo Accounts allow you to try out the system.  They are fully functional accounts except they are limited to five parents (with any number of appointments)
  • Free Trial Semester: allows you to run the complete system for an entire semester.  No limits.  All new and returning  schools and teachers are automatically enrolled for this Free Trial Semester for the Fall, 2017 semester. 

After your school has had one Free Trial Semester, prices are as follows:

  • $50 per semester for a whole school operating a single account (unlimited number of conferences are allowed on this school account).
  • $4 per conference for individual teachers running one conference within a semester on their own account.
  • If your school has its teachers set up their own accounts (i.e., no main school account), the school can purchase a batch of "tickets", one per teacher, to pay for the teachers' accounts. Tickets are $4 each,up to a maximum of $70 - that is, if you have more than 17 teachers with their own accounts, it's still just $70 per semester.

Some fine print:

  • Semesters are defined as (Jan 1 - June 30) and (July 1 - Dec 31).  
  • If you only run conferences in one semester of the year (e.g., Fall), you can just pay for that one semester per year--and still access your account and data year-round. System checks pay status when you save time blocks.

How to Pay

Payment by credit card

This is preferred. To pay by credit card, you normally log into each account that you wish to be credited and go to Manage / Billing. The system will ask you to pick which semester(s) or conference(s) you wish to pay for. It will give you a full receipt at that time to help you to get reimbursed and the account you are logged into is the one that receives the credit. You can also purchase tickets for multiple teachers from any account.

If you are paying for multiple accounts, and wish to pay by a single credit card transaction, contact us.

Payment by check

We accept advance payment by check**, and will provide invoices, W-9s, quotes, etc as needed for schools' purchasing procedures.

If you would like us to send you a W-9, please send us an email to with "W-9 Request" in the subject header.

If you need a price quote, please send us an email to with "Quote Request" in the subject header. Please provide: Name and city of your school and which semester(s) you want to pay for. Districts requesting a quote for multiple schools: please provide name of district, semester(s), and number of schools.

**IMPORTANT: Before sending us any check(s), please fill out the webform here to insure that the correct school accounts are credited. (In order to uniquely identify the schools someone is paying for, we always need to have the login email for each school account. The reason is many school names are similar, and even your school could have multiple accounts, some used in the past, others maybe setup by mistake. You wouldn't want us crediting a payment to a wrong account. So just like with Amazon, each account is defined by the login email.)

Address:, 325 West Washington St., Suite 2243, San Diego, CA 92103.