PTC Pricing Starting Spring 2018

Two free options (billing information is not collected for either)

  • Free Demo Accounts allow you to try out the system.  They are fully functional accounts except they are limited to five parents (with any number of appointments)
  • Free Trial Semester: allows you to run the complete system for an entire semester.  No limits.  All new and returning  schools and teachers are automatically enrolled for this Free Trial Semester for the Fall, 2017 semester. 

After your school has had one Free Trial Semester, prices are as follows (payments accepted starting October 2017):

  • $50 per semester for a whole school (unlimited number of conferences at a single school).
  • $4 per conference for individual teachers running their own conferences
  • If your school has its teachers use their own accounts (i.e., no main school account), you can purchase a batch of "tickets", one per teacher, to run their own conference account. Tickets are $4 each, maximum of $70 - that is, if you have more than 17 teachers with their own accounts, it's still just $70 per semester.

Some fine print:

  • Semesters are defined as (Jan 1 - June 30) and (July 1 - Dec 31).  
  • If you only run conferences in one semester of the year (e.g., Fall), you can just pay for that one semester per year--and still access your account and date year-round.
  • Payments will be accepted starting October 2017.

"But you used to be free!" Yes, and we kept the service free as long as we could--seven years! But the site has gotten huge - well over a million parent teacher conferences per year - and our expenses have grown. We remain committed to an ad-free and affordable conference scheduling service, while maintaining a simple, strict privacy policy. User fees will also allow us to add a stream of useful new features to the site, many inspired by requests and suggestions from users.